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Colonies House, Leith, North Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Leith, North Edinburgh
£22.00 per night
Private room |
Private room
2 Guests|2 Bedrooms|1 Bath

Property Description

There is either a single room or a spacious double room in a charming ‘colonies’ terraced house -fully centrally heated and with full cooking facilities, internet and free parking.
It is 10 minutes by bus from central Edinburgh – The Edinburgh Playhouse is 20 minutes walk away. Nearby is the uber trendy Leith with at least 2 Mitchelin Star restaurants plus numerous pubs and interesting shops. It is next to Leith Links a very large recreation area for walking etc.

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Property Price
Price per night: £ 22.00
Price per night (7d+): £ 20.00
Price per night (30d+): £ 16.00
Extra Price per guest: £ 18.00
Minimum no of nights: 1

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